Eco dog owners…here’s how you feed your dog healthy food, even if you don’t eat meat yourself!

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As a big THANK YOU, I’ll reveal three things you ought to know as an eco warrior with a dog! 

  • You CAN give your dog all the nutrients it needs without killing off cows and chickens
  • Your pooch absolutely needs protein and essential amino acids, which are most easily balanced and digested for dogs in the form of MEAT
  • There’s an INCREDIBLY easy way to feed your dog SUSTAINABLE and novel meat that costs the earth a fraction of the land, water and greenhouse gases compared to traditional meat

I’ll tell you what feels worse than paying your power bill? Doing all you can to reduce your carbon footprint and then feeding your beloved dog chicken and cow.

Bamboo toothbrush?

Check. ✅

Keep cup?

Ages ago. ✅

Reducing single use plastic?

Always trying. ✅

Limiting meat intake?

Easy, low hanging fruit. ✅

Favouring a bike over a car?

For sure, and you’re positively encouraging others to do the same. 

You know that for more than 30 years, the science has been clear on our impact on the climate.

You know that cutting our emissions in half in 10 years only gives us 50% chance of staying below 1.5 degrees celsius and the risk of setting off irreversible chain reactions beyond human control. That 50% is not acceptable to the animals we admire in nature and to our kids who live with the consequences.

So can we do more?


But we still want our meat eating furry best friend. They are a crucial and loved family member who needs great nutrition, just as we do. Their digestive systems are not the same though. Like us, they need protein and for them, it is most easily digested from meat. That doesn’t mean you have to feed them traditional livestock, thinking, feeling, methane belching animals that account for around 14% of global greenhouse emissions that you work hard to avoid. 

Image is text overlayed on an aerial view of a rocky beach. The text says 'yes, climate change is real' and then in smaller font 'Here's how to feed meat to your dog without harming the planet for your children...or your dog...or you'

Feed For Thought gives you the option to lower your dog’s carbon footprint while still feeding them meat.

Here are the staggering secrets behind Feed For Thought’s food that your vet probably doesn’t even know about.

    It’s made using insect protein.

    • Insects, that thrive in high densities, so don’t require acres of land.
    • Insects, that are high in medium chain fatty acids that promote brain health in dogs.
    • Insects, that create 3140 times MORE protein per acre of land than cows.
    • Insects, that emit 0.04g of greenhouse gases compared to cows that emit 285g for the equivalent amount of protein.
    • Insects, that don’t require growth hormones to grow quickly, so they aren’t passed on to your dog.
    • Insects, that require 0.2L of water compared to the 2000L that beef requires to produce the equivalent amount of protein.
    • Insects, that are a non-traditional source of protein so good for dog’s with allergies to chicken and beef.
    • Insects, that are a SUPERFOOD with two times more iron than spinach and 10% more vitamin B12 than salmon.
    • Insects, that score above 80% in digestibility studies, which means your dog can convert the food easily to energy and you’ll see the evidence in good, firm poops

    Image of founder and dog sitting on a rock in the bush, looking out. The image has the text over the top 'how do you know insects are good?' then 'they're vet endorsed'

    And gaining in popularity

    There is also a LOT of science showing the benefits of insect protein in pets now too. In fact, good luck searching the internet and NOT finding some. To save you the trouble, I’ve included some here and here and here and here.

    You can make the planet happier than an ocean without plastic and here’s how insect protein will make you and your dog happier too!

    What it’s gotWhy you’ll love it
    Insect proteinhighly digestible for dogs
    firm poops!
    environmentally amazing
    reduces your household carbon emissions
    upcycles 40kg of unused food per 5kg bag
    Australian madequality controlled to Australian standards
    lower carbon footprint (no international shipping)
    supporting Australian innovation
    Complete and balanced fooda happy and healthy dog
    less visits to your friendly vet
    High in medium chain fatty acidssupports brain health
    Contains a complete proteineasier for digestion, which means good poos
    easier for absorption, which means healthy dog and good poos
    Low allergenicreduced chance of tummy issues and discomfort
    good, firm poop (more pleasant walks for you!)
    Environmentally friendlyyour dog makes you a better human

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