Tasty and nutritious dog treats
Made by environmental champions

Good for your pet and good for our planet


We have created a tasty and nutritious dog treat that doesn’t cost the planet! The insects we farm are part of a regenerative, circular system that actually reduce food waste so when your dog eats their treats, they are part of the protein solution. Now that’s some Feed For Thought! Are you ready to try it?

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Four reasons to love insect protein

Dog in field

Nutrients for your dog

Our grubs (black soldier fly larvae) are a protein filled food that also contain more iron than spinach, as well as calcium, omegas, zinc and potassium.

eating treats

Dogs love the taste!

Developed with our veterinarian, our treats have been tested by the fussiest of eaters

Better for the planet

Our grubs are amazing! You can farm them vertically, so they require less land area, less water and the whole process emits less greenhouse gases per kilo of protein that traditional meat sources

Water tap demonstrating a relative reduction in water use in larvae farming

Waste as a resource

We feed our insects unused vegetable and bread scraps that would otherwise go to landfill and create greenhouse gases. This process represents the circular economy of the future

No resources are wasted in the making of our treats!

Everything we do is good for our pets and we believe in doing it in a way that safeguards the future of our planet.

Our packaging is plastic free and 100% compostable!

Black soldier fly larvae

Our grubs have been working hard!

Here’s how much waste they have directed from landfill to produce your pets’ favourite treats:
31 kg

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