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Nourish your dog, save the planet

A new generation of sustainable pet food. Eating towards a greener future.

Making ethical choices just
got a whole lot easier

Created By Vets

Provides a complete and balanced meal for your best friend – Australian made, 100% natural and low allergenic.

Real Ingredients

Made with protein (our grubby little secret) and naturally packed with essential amino and fatty acids. No chemicals.

Carbon Neutral Dining

A more efficient use of our planet’s natural resources; we call it carbon neutral dining. Our taste-testers love it!

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Feed for Thought 5kg Dog Food Packet


Made from a complete (and yes, novel) protein source that’s packed with all the nutrients your dog needs, naturally.

Your dog loves it, or your money back

Every time the biscuits hit the bowl, you’re solving a big problem

(and not just in the eyes of your dog)

Glossy brown ridgeback eating feed for thought carbon neutral dog biscuits

Tried & Trusted

As seen in:

Black and white dog waiting for food

Aussie dog lovers,

After witnessing the negative effects of climate change first-hand, we set out to find a way to restore our global eco-system.

We make it insanely easy for fellow dog-lovers to be part of the solution. We walk together.


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