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Save the planet

Sustainably sourced dog food, curated by vets, loved by pets.

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Kobo eating food

100% Real ingredients

Australian made and owned

Complete balanced and environmentally friendly small batch wholefood

Nutritious, natural, delicious and easy to digest

Made from Australian farmed whole insect protein


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Four reasons to love Feed For Thought

Dog in field

Nutrients for your dog

Natural, uncomplicated ingredients ensure our vet formulated dog food is tasty and nutritious. Rich in protein; suitable for dogs of all sizes; made by environmental champions

eating treats

Dogs love the taste!

Developed with our veterinarian, our food has been tested by the fussiest of eaters

Better for the planet

Feed For Thought is not only good for your pet, it’s good for our planet. We like to call it - Carbon Neutral Dining

Water tap demonstrating a relative reduction in water use in larvae farming

Reduce your carbon paw print

Our Australian farmed whole insect protein provides a new, natural, sustainable and responsible resource to feed our pets. Converting spent grains into a high quality protein - your dog is part of a natural system that reuses precious resources

Created by vets

Provides a healthy, balanced diet for your best friend – just like traditional dog food but 100% natural and low-allergenic

Here's our grubby little secret...

Feed For Thought’s scientific formula was developed in Australia and uses a whole, nutrient dense form of mini-livestock...insects. It is future-proofed protein.

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