Behind the biscuit

The small choices we make each day, can have a huge impact on our planet.

The protein in our dog food comes from insects. We’re proud of that! Why Because insects are one of nature’s most impressive and efficient composters; an outstanding example of nature’s circular economy where nothing is wasted and everything is reused.

We wanted to reinstate this, bringing communities and businesses together to discover how we can we regenerate the things that we make and use each day.

How do we reinstate a circular economy?

Like any livestock, our grubby little beings need to eat. As it turns out, grubs love left over food and spent grains (the byproduct of the brewing process).

Our insect farmer, Luke, collects unused food that would otherwise end up in landfill. Luke checks it for contaminants and shreds it into small particles to make insect food.

Each little larvae eats around 1.5kg of food in three feedings over the 12 days. As they feed, they break down the organic matter and metabolise the nutrients into biomass, growing bigger as part of the process.

We’ve all seen photos of chickens and other livestock being raised in horrible conditions to minimise land use and maximise profits. We have found a better way.

Our little grubs thrive naturally in higher densities and prefer to stay close together. This means we farm them vertically, saving land space and water in the process.

After 12 days, our grubs have reached their maximum weight. They are then harvested, dried, sanitized and mealed ready to be added to dog food as a nutritious protein source that doesn’t cost the earth.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Our little grubs leave a crumbly residue in their feeding container. This can be used as a nutrient dense compost. No waste.

At Feed For Thought, our big dream, our big hope is that we can generate an attitudinal change.

So what’s the solution? Turn our waste back into food and resources!

The good news is, the quest to tackle food waste is growing globally.

By only buying what we need, only serving what you can eat, embracing left overs and buying a better, new generation of dog food,  you’re helping us turn waste into food, you are being part of the solution, instead of contributing to the problem.

Every time the biscuits hit the bowl, you’re solving a big problem

(and not just in the eyes of your dog)

Black and brown dog looking up with pleading yet happy eyes waiting for dog food

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