Large black and white Great Dane happily eating Feed For Thought dog food

We love our dogs and we love our planet, so we found a better way.

Meet Alison

Founder, human, dog-lover.

Our story, our Why.

After spending eight summers in the depths of Antarctica and the Arctic working as an Expedition Leader, I began to experience what climate actually means, year after year.

I could literally see the enormous impact we are having on our global eco-system.

Feed For Thought was born to empower you to support the change needed to help our planet.

Discovering insect protein as an ethical, nutritious dog food alternative

I set up a pilot insect farm and spent almost three years learning about the Black Soldier Fly, our grubby little secret. After years of hard work, I began to understand and appreciate the exceptional nutritional value of insect protein.

Our vet and vet nutritionist carried our vigorous tests. We wanted to make sure our carbon-positive dog food met food safety and nutritional standards.

As a result, our dog food is only made from real, pure, wholesome Australian ingredients. We’re proud as punch.

It has been a very long but tail-waggingly exciting journey..

The result is an easily-digestible, balanced and tasty meal made from a sustainable alternative to traditional protein. Better still our insect-protein dog food doesn’t contain growth hormones or antibiotics.

When you buy Feed for Thought, you are shopping ethically, and your dog gets to be an every-day hero, eating his or her way to a healthier planet.

We walk together, to help deliver a sustainable future.

Every time the biscuits hit the bowl, you’re solving a big problem

(and not just in the eyes of your dog)

Tan brown dog called Norman looking up with hope for food

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