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Carbon-neutral dog food. Oh yes.

We embrace new technology, using it to create food that is good for your dog, and good for our planet.

We aim to go beyond reducing our footprint (and pawprints), working with innovators and leaders to address the complex and challenging issues across our supply chain, packaging and agriculture industry.

We’re proud to have measured the carbon expenditure of our 5kg dog food bags. Thanks to our friends at Offsert, we are producing net carbon-neutral dog food.

Offsert, helping us do better

Offsert aim to help organisations positively impact Climate Change. They conducted research to discover how our organisation and our food contributes to our carbon footprint.

Key takeaways from our Offsert report

  • The biggest carbon expenditure in the production of Feed For Thought food is agriculture.
  • Each 5kg bag of Feed For Thought Dog Food has a 40kg of carbon emissions.
  • The environmental impact of processing the Feed For Thought packaging is 6.5% of the total carbon emissions.

In collaboration with Offsert, we have commited to offsetting our total emissions by contributing to their highly accredited projects, including:

  • a wind project in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh,
  • a low smoke stove project in Darfur, Sudan,
  • a hydroelectric project in the northern region of the Republic of Honduras.

More about Offsert’s projects

Thanks to our low emissions and offsetting commitments, we are proud of offer you Australia’s first net carbon-neutral dog food

Read more about why this novel source of protein is the future of pet food.

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