About Us

The Feed For Thought story ...so far

Created alongside an Australian vet and vet nutritionist with all dogs in mind, Feed For Thought supports the overall health and wellbeing of our pets.

Rich in protein, the centrepiece to our scientific formula is the Black Soldier Fly Larvae. Farmed in urban  Australia, our insects ‘upcycle’ unused spent grains, providing a complete and novel protein source that is nutrient dense, easily digestible and low allergenic.

Naturally high in essential amino and fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, our insects are coupled with sustainable ingredients (such as Sorghum) to provide a high quality and well-balanced meal for your four-legged friend.

Inspired by my dog Max and a desire to limit the impacts of climate change that I witnessed working in Antarctica and the Arctic; I created Feed For Thought to empower pet owners, create change and ultimately help our planet.  

Made in Western Australia, our quality controlled, small batch premium dog food is wrapped in recyclable packaging. By choosing Feed For Thought – your dog is part of a natural system that reuses precious resources, resulting in a lower carbon paw print.

We walk together, to help deliver a sustainable future

We nourish pets by creating an easily digestible, balanced and tasty meal using a sustainable alternative to traditional protein that doesn’t contain growth hormones or antibiotics. We give pet owners the option to shop ethically and pets the chance to eat their way to a healthier planet.