About Us

The Feed For Thought story ...so far

Feed for Thought is a pet food company with a purpose: to regenerate. We want to demonstrate social responsibility: reduce food waste and create sustainable protein. We want to inspire businesses to join the circular economy, where waste becomes a resource. We are starting an amazing journey into an emerging and innovative industry; one that supports population growth without the associated environmental footprint. We are building a pilot factory in Australia’s Capital Territory, refining the logistics of waste removal and researching the potential of black soldier fly (BSF) products for use in the poultry, canine and aquaculture industries

This is who we are: unashamedly passionate about our families, and yours; our community, and yours; our future, and yours. Our ambitious legacy is to inspire stewardship through our products and innovation. Our reason for being is sharing these things with our community. With you. We care and because we do, we dedicate ourselves to customer service with a sense of kindness, community, environmental integrity, humility, tenacity and togetherness (because together we’re better!).

Our vision: create amazing dog food, regenerate and draw on circular systems, empower humanity to make a choice for good