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Meaty, tasty, healthy and naturally uncomplicated.

  • The ultimate gift bundle for conscious consumers and their amazing dogs
  • 100% compostable or biodegradable packaging
  • Eco dog soap
  • Deliciously sustainable dog food
  • Oh Crap dog poop bags
  • Free shipping to your door

Your pet’s age, breed, weight, activity level, and general health will help determine the optimal caloric intake.

This is designed as a guide only for optimal caloric intake and it assumes your dog is walking for 30 minutes per day.

  • 2-5kg: 40-80g/day
  • 6-10kg: 95-104g/day
  • 10-20kg: 140-230g/day
  • 20-30kg: 230-315g/day
  • 30-40kg: 315-390g/day
  • 40+kg: 390g + 70g/day for each additional kg

Please consult your vet if you have any questions regarding the amount and/or type of food for your dog.

Ensure that clean, fresh water is always available for your dog.

All breeds dog food:

Black soldier fly larvae, wholegrain sorghum, rolled oats, field peas, yeast, omega 3 and 6 poly-unsaturated fatty acids, natural flavours (non-meat), essential vitamins and minerals.


Colloidal oatmeal, jojoba oil, spearmint and lavender oils, black soldier fly larvae oil.


How long will 1kg of food last?

Every dog’s appetite is different depending on size, age, condition and level of activity. If your dog looks overweight, reduce the current food intake by 10%. If your dog looks underweight, increase the current food intake by 10%. Continue this process until your dog is at the correct weight.

Generally speaking, a 1kg bag will last for two weeks for a dog that walks for 30 minutes a day and weighs 5kg. You’ll find a more detailed feeding guide on our packaging.

What ingredients are in the soap?

Our nourishing, high quality soap has colloidal oatmeal (good for the skin and coat), jojoba oil, a hint of spearmint and lavender. The ingredient that makes this soap so special is the insect oil. It has antimicrobial, antiseptic and antiviral properties and is naturally high in oleic and linoleic acids, which are great for dog's skin health.

Why will this gift pack make my dog a hero?

All dogs are heroes, just because they have endless love and loyalty. This pack will help them reduce their carbon pawprint, which we think is quite heroic. The packaging for the 1kg bag of food and the poop bag are both compostable. The insects that make up the food and soap are also environmental champions and eat unused food, preventing it decomposting and creating greenhouse gases. We've measured that the 1kg bag of food recycles 9kg of organic waste and every bar of soap recycles 3kg of organic waste.

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